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The Great New York State Fair 2015

If anyone in the club is interested in working at the Fair this year, please contact Hans Junga at



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Syracuse Area Beekeepers 2015

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Welcome to any who have found us. As this is a volunteer organization, the posts don’t get updated that often. However, we continue to meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month at the Fayetteville Free Library in Fayetteville, New York at 6pm. There is no membership application or fee, we are simply a group of beekeepers from all walks of life coming together to talk about all things bee related. Please just come to a meeting and check us out.

Bee sure to check out the following post for instructions on how to subscribe to our yahoo group for updates and information.

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Welcome all interested bee lovers!

Hello everyone! I am happy you have found our site. We meet the second Wednesday of every month at the Fayetteville Free Library in Fayetteville, NY at 6pm. We will be either in the Cafe area or the Community room. Everyone is welcome. If you would like to join our discussion group, send an email to

Hope to see you at a meeting soon!


This week’s meeting and Next Month’s Meeting

June 2014

This week’s meeting will NOT be held as usual at the Fayetteville Library. Instead, we will be joining the Mid-York Beekeepers club at Bill Crowell’s bee farm. For directions and or additional information, email


Next month’s meeting will also NOT be held as usual at the Fayetteville Library. Instead, we will be meeting at the Onondaga Lake Visitor’s Center off of 690 West…Exit 6. Just look for the Honeywell site’s massive lake clean up. We will be meeting at 6pm with a tour of the visitor’s center at 6:15.




New Members!

We have a flurry of requests for information from new beekeepers! Very exciting! I hope you can all come to our next meeting and bring your questions! We have tons of people who love to talk. Make sure you plan for 2 hours, because we usually talk that much! Happy Spring!


Next Meeting- This coming Wednesday Night!

Come talk about how your bees wintered, or hear how things are going for bees in CNY this spring. We love new faces!



Tonight’s Meeting- CANCELLED

In case you missed the email, or the television announcement, tonight’s meeting is cancelled due to weather. If there is any interest and the library has availability, I can try to reschedule it for next week (a request by a member). Let me know your thoughts.




Mike makes the news!

Check out this article!


Hives and Nucs for Sale

This is from Ray Lowe.

Again this year I will be assembling hives to sell.  I will be adding bees to them from various sources.  Some may come from my own splits but others will come from local nucs, not southern packages.  The wooden ware is top quality material, all clear pine with finger joints.  I can paint them with my usual 1 coat of primer and 1 coat of top quality exterior paint OR for a discount, you can take it home, paint it whatever color you want, or even stain it, then return it to me so I can add bees.  A “starter” hive will include ramped hive stand, screened bottom board, 1 deep hive body with 10 frames.  All of my frames are wooden, NO PLASTIC.  They will all have crimp wire foundation, NO PLASTIC, and cross wires.  If you prefer the lighter weight, medium boxes, I will include 2 mediums instead of 1 deep.  The starter hive will also have a plywood inner cover, a telescoping outer cover, an entrance reducer, and an IPM board for mite control.  This is not the cheapest or easiest combination available. Crimp wire foundation takes more time and effort to assemble but is the best and it is durable, well made, top notch equipment that will last.  As your hive grows and more boxes are needed I will have them available for sale also.

My regular price for the starter hive is $225 plus $150 for the bees installed.  This is everything you need to get your hive started.  For Syracuse Beekeepers Club members I will take off $25, making the package $350.  Since I work by myself, I will build a limited number of hives.  We still have some time but dont wait too long.  I have a few already finished, ready to go out the door, but as spring gets closer I wont have as much time to build more.  I will also work closesly with new beekeepers to help them set up and maintain their hive.  If I can answer questions about my equipment, availability of hives, or pricing please don’t hesitate to send an email to

Ray Lowe

Lafayette, NY

And this is from Eric Krouse – He is also selling nucs this year.




Email List

If you are new to the club, please make sure you email me with your email so I can add you to the email list. Email me at

Thanks and Welcome to the club!