About Us

The club was started out of necessity. Mine. As a novice beekeeper with a top bar hive and winter approaching, I needed to know what to do with them. After a futile search for other local top bar beehive owners, I was inspired by a Cornell entomologist and beekeeper to start a local Syracuse club that would bring novice and experienced beekeepers together to talk about bee related issues and ideas. Beginners and experts alike are welcome, as well as anyone who may just be interested in bees. The club is now two years old and really still just a way to get to know other beekeepers and find out how to get started as a beekeeper. No question is too basic and no one is ever unwelcome! So please, come on out and talk bees with us. Believe me, we LOVE to talk!

We love show and tell too, so if you come to a meeting, bring photos, articles, tools, etc.


The club began in November 2012. Since then, we have discussed topics such as winterizing, splitting, swarms and removals, to medicate or not to medicate, and other general bee related topics. Some of us are also members of other clubs such as the Mid-York Beekeeping Club and the Finger Lakes Beekeeping Club. There is a wealth of knowledge in our members.